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Edge, Estepona     

2-4 Bedroom from 560,000 €

Edge is nature that transforms into architecture. Its organic forms follow the coast and end around the pool. At the same time, the buildings are built as an entrance to the sea, blurring the boundaries between the gardens and the beach sand. It is both a special and an open environment that adapts to and enhances the environment in the context of the Mediterranean.

The terraces point towards the sea, and each level has a raised elevated beach. All you have to do is open the door to feel the sand under your feet. The sun and the sea take care of everything else.

Edge's heart beats with you. See for yourself at the fully equipped gym and health club with heated pool and spa.

Designed specifically for The Edge, the Business Center makes the project unique and individual.

If you dream of a private garden, stay at sea level; Each ground floor apartment has its own landscaped area. If you want a terrace, you can choose between two, three or four bedrooms. Whatever you choose, you are sure to find the right option.

16 penthouses

The private pool has its own mare Nostrum towards you. And each terrace becomes the entire beach. Diafanic spaces with three or four bedrooms and infinite light to enjoy views of the horizon.


Two four-bedroom detached homes, so unique that they become the boundary between artificial and natural elements. The two floors have private garages and a private panoramic view of all the Mediterranean at dawn and full moon.


The Edge is a luxury residential complex

development. Its homes and villas adapt to the organic forms of Mediterranean nature.

VAT 10% will be added to the sales price.

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