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Oasis 325 Estepona  

2-3 Bedroom from 237,000 €

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Oasis 325 is located between Estepona and Marbella. Its location offers unparalleled views of the Mediterranean coast.

Thanks to Málaga Airport, luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, golf courses and tennis courts, hospitals and shopping centers, this area of ​​Málaga’s coastline has all the amenities you could ever need to secure the lifestyle you want.

Oasis 325 offers comfort and enjoyment. The high quality of the materials is complemented by a state-of-the-art design created by the respected architect Joaquín Torres and his A-cero studio. The project, which is also noteworthy in terms of home design and decor, is specifically designed to take advantage of natural light and promote the use of community spaces.

Large terraces and spacious rooms continue into common, open and landscaped areas. The large swimming pool is located in the center of Oasis and offers a place to meet and relax.


The water, protected from outside the buildings and surrounded by nature, looks like a natural, private and peaceful lake.

Spa and Gym

Oasis 325 offers its owners an exclusive, complete spa where they can relax and immerse themselves in the pleasant water of the pool, enjoying the spacious Jacuzzi. Go to the spa and let yourself enjoy the bustling and busy life of the Costa del Sol. Direct access to the garden invites you to relax and enjoy the wonderful facilities complemented by the changing rooms and bathrooms.

The selling price of new building added to the 10% VAT

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