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South 36, Cerrado del Águila, Mijas    

2-3 Bedroom from 280,000 €

In the vicinity of the Cerrado del Aguila golf course, 112 stylish and modern luxury apartments made of high-quality materials will be built.

The apartments have been designed to make the most of natural light into a larger living space that combines exterior and interior, where stunning views can be enjoyed throughout the apartment.


Penthouses with private fireplace and pool, all apartments with sea views, large and sunny terraces.

The area comes with great facilities, padel fields, pool area with chirinquitos, cinemas, conference facilities, SPA, yoga rooms, Children's Village, Gym… The perfect option for a sporty life and enjoyment on the Costa del Sol!

A video surveillance system will be built at the entrances and around the area. High quality elevator that meets all accessibility requirements.


Wine cabinet. Motorized curtains. Wooden floor. Intelligent air conditioning and engine package. Fully equipped high quality kitchen. Beautiful and spacious bedrooms with dressing areas.


Bathroom In connection with the bedrooms, through the glass wall of which you can admire the magnificent scenery even while relaxing in the bath.

The price includes a garage space and storage.


VAT 10% will be added to the sales price.

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